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Although water is a precious resource, consumption of hard water or water with

acidic content and minerals may not be

good for your health.


In such a scenario, water treatment may

be necessary to improve the quality of your water. Call 724-748-4673 to learn about our top-quality water treatment systems today!

Are you experiencing problems

with hard water?

Call 724-748-4673

Residential and Commercial Water Treatment Services

Reliable Water Treatment Services

Are you worried about spending a fortune on your well drilling needs? Not to worry; we're ready to assist. You'll be delighted to learn that all our well drilling, water treatment, and water pump services are pocket friendly. Get in touch with our friendly staff to get a FREE estimate.

All our services are pocket friendly

Stay Healthy by Drinking

Pure Water

You'll get reliable water treatment equipment to improve the quality of your water supply from Stiffy's Well Drilling Service of Mercer, PA.


  • Water softener installation and repair

  • Iron filters

  • Reverse osmosis water filter systems (mounted beside the faucet)

  • Chemical-free filtration systems

Does your water have a strange odor or taste? You may need to get it treated. Get exemplary water treatment equipment for your home and business needs.


Hard water can have a negative impact on your skin and water pipes, and can damage your water heaters. With the right equipment, you can enjoy safe and clean water all the time.

Water Treatment